Here we are again at the end of the month. I’ve been living beyond my means and reaching a sustainability break-point. I had a fainting spell in the toilet on my flight into London to Seattle yesterday – first time I’ve fallen ill like that and have begun to realize that though I’m having my cake and eating it too, there may be an odd juxtaposition between that and the notion of “Sustainably Free”. Truth often lies in paradox, so we’ve more to discover here.

While looking for ideas today I searched on “sustainably free” and then went to the images tab and landed on this ecological note:

CAR FREE AND CAREFREE. Ann Kobsa lives 99% self-sustainably in her ‘Garden of Eden’ on the Big Island of Hawaii. Not a drop of fossil fuel enters her life if she can help it; even her driveway isn’t one – it’s a bikeway! See Ann’s car-free life – in her own words and The Galfromdownunder visits Ann: words, photos, movies.

Why not – I have lived car free for most of my adult life using bicycles for decades; though today I ride airplanes so my eco-friends are far less impressed, though the distances traveled are substantially further.