having the both/and

Having one’s cake and eating it too was just rephrased to me as you will have the both/and.

Google defines this as

both/and “contrasted with “either/or”, a phrase encouraging the avoidance of black and white thinking that presumes there are no in-betweens, not …”

Clearly there is traction behind this expression as a quick web search brought me to several interesting hits such as



The BothAnd Project is a joint initiative of the Mainstream Media Project & the Harvard Global Negotiation Project

The objective of BothAnd is to shift the national conversation from destructive debate to creative problem-solving by demonstrating new forms of constructive interaction in the broadcast media as a catalyst to a broader transformation of our civic culture. 

Our goal is to replace either/or with BothAnd thinking as a more productive approach to divisive public issues.

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Even elements of the Catholic Church have a stance on this:

Consider the following proposition as a key to understanding the Catholic-Christian approach to theology:

The proper Catholic-Christian answer to any theological question is always
“both/and,” rather than “either/or.”

At first glance, this might seem ridiculous or contradictory. Isn’t God absolute? Isn’t there just one truth, as opposed to error?  Indeed, this proposal does not imply that a statement and its direct negation are both true (“A is B” and “A is not B”).  It would obviously be false to claim, for example, that “God is Love” and “God is not Love,” or “Jesus is divine” and “Jesus is not divine.”…

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More to follow as this has been a fun 20 minute search and end of year posting. May 2009 lead you closer to having the both/and and having your cake and eating it too!