when did you forget you were a flower?

There is beauty in everything. Seeing it may require a shift in perspective (or even altitude). A friend’s post on Facebook this morning, commenting on a lame poem from a US politician to his mistress triggered a memory of one of my favorite poems: Sunflower Sutra, by Allen Ginsberg.

Allen’s art may outshine the governor’s – but who knows, perhaps his words were perfect and his objective reached with the intended audience? The beauty within the Sunflower Sutra, a depiction of a dead flower in an abandoned train yard has always left me speechless.

Finding the beauty contained in all things, is where one of the ingredients to living Sustainably Free comes into being. Feel free to replace the word beauty with ‘spirit’, ‘essence’ or another word, which better aligns with your system of thinking.

Do you remember the scene of the flying plastic bag in American Beauty?

We all need to remember this and allow it to enter our lives as often as we can…

photo © 2008 m.thatcher