December 2011

Indian Ocean Crossing – Wrap-up in Pictures

Well it’s been almost 2 months since we landed in Richards Bay, South Africa and now on this Christmas morning I’ve finally completed a selection of a subset (still too many) of photos from our time on the Indian Ocean, the preparation before, wandering in South Africa afterwards, as well as the brief stop in Switzerland on the way back to Singapore and finally the return to our lives in Singapore.  Enjoy!














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Looking Back to Go Forward

Image of the Day:


Looking East at sun rise, prior to leaping into the Indian Ocean – Victoria Bay, South Africa


What we’ve accomplished:

  • Realized a childhood and lifelong dream
  • Sailed 5,283 nautical miles from Singapore to Richards Bay, South Africa in less than 3 months
  • Visited 4 island countries (Cocos Keeling, Australia; Rodrigues; Mauritius, Isle de la Reunion, France; as well as South Africa
  • Completed 6 “clean-ups” with local communities along the way, plus several of our own
  • Met with multiple schools and school children along the way in each place we landed, to raise environmental awareness.
  • Read or listened to at least a dozen books
  • Composed a few new songs
  • Strengthened the relationship between Dominique and I
  • Met, worked and played with some amazing people.
  • Worked through multiple personal issues related to the sea, sailing , surfing,climbing mountains, children,  human relationships and so much more…
  • Shot close to a thousand photos – greatest hits to be posted in the coming days…
  • . . .


Pachamama’s ship track with daily way-points from Singapore to Richard Bay, South Africa


After 5,283 nautical miles by sea over a period of close to 3 months and now back in Singapore having leapt back into the fray of work, with the calendar year ending and midyear Review (MYR) pending, I am challenged to come up with succinct and profound concluding statements for our Indian Ocean Crossing with on the Pachamama.  This will perhaps come through time over the coming months or year, so stay tuned…

The short version: it was time well spent!

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