Your Song

I’m sitting in a café working on a talk for tomorrow. I’m focused, in the groove, it’s coming together.

Suddenly the background music creeps through the ambient noise and capture’s my attention, a woman’s voice, harmony and melody that’s pleasing and familiar – the words cut through: “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” An electric shock ripples through me, systems fail, I ache, I yearn, I cry.

It was wonderful. Your presence permeates me.  It is still wonderful, but so, so different. I miss you and the form you once had. I love you in the forms you now take; a song, a bird, a butterfly, a cloud, a star…


Reflections: what is and what was

Garçon : Please play that song again and bring me a cloud-cup of lunar-moths with stars in their butterfly eyes. I’ll be here for a while.