Remembering: Time, Zeit, Tiempo, Tempo, Temps!


Dominique’s spirit left her body one year ago today.  It is quite difficult to fathom; impossible.  The body is gone.  She is not.  It feels like yesterday. It feels like forever and a day.

Something reminded me of this video a couple of days ago.  It is probably one of her last story-choreography’s and performances; performed for Dance Fremont’s students in Seattle on January 15, 2012.

Timelessly she captures and releases time.

Video:  Time, Zeit, Tiempo, Tempo, Temps!

Summoning, sensing, searching – I return to Bad Salzhausen in Germany, just to be in the physical place where the physical being ceased to be animated by spirit.  I come to honor what was and that which still is.  I come to select a tree, a chestnut tree, to be planted in the healing parks and gardens, with mystical hares and elusive deer.  I come for something else, though don’t know what it is.

Arriving in Switzerland earlier in the week, I have had time to reflect, to be, to feel Europe, Dominique’s presence here and to be with our family and friends.

Often we feel alone – but are we?


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Garçon s’il vous plait, do you have the ‘time’?   Bitte noch ein Apfelschorle.