Day 4– How many more minutes ‘till we get there?


Current Position 08:00 Singapore Time
Speed over Ground   Knots
Course over Ground   Degrees
Heading   Degrees
Position Direction Degrees Minutes
Latitude South 02 05.10
Longitude East 105 04.94

Image of the Day:


You’ve got to get this right, or else what goes down comes back, Shaken and Stirred and back with a force you will definitely regret… One might ask, but why did you give me a 3rd option with the arrows?  Danger! Danger!


Motor Sailing this morning towards Sunda Straight – still a long way to go.  Have connected with a Norwegian boa, Pamona t and may team up for the crossing to Cocos Keeling.  All is well and getting used to each other, the seas and the boat.  Was blowing 30kts last night and really happy to have our new slickers Smile


“Make your dream devour your life, so that life doesn’t devour your dream.” [ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry] merci Bernard