Day 8–Wonderful Distractions


Current Position 08:00 Singapore Time
Speed over Ground 7.1 Knots
Course over Ground   Degrees
Heading 181 Degrees
Position Direction Degrees Minutes
Latitude South 08 38.67
Longitude East 101 58.34

Image of the Day:


Sunset over the Indian Ocean – Great winds and following seas.



Sunday Brunch at sea – Mama bear feeds the baby bears!  We’re out of bread and onto the Muesli now – the kids were loving it, being the first day.

We’ve started our second week, now well on our way to Cocos Keeling and beyond.  We had a quiet Sunday with constant and consistent wind.

I even worked on my guitar today.  I bought a ‘sing-a-long’ book to finally learn some of those songs everyone wants you to play, so “we can all sing-a-long… 

Funny how I still gravitate to the more interesting guitar bits in here and just don’t ‘get ‘ the sing-a-long, perhaps in time…

I have been still trying to do many things, write a great deal, learn things and so on.  On of these intentions was to listen to my grandmother’s reading of G.I. Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson.  I had a wonderful early morning watch and even didn’t wake Dominique and took hers so was along on deck from 2-6 in the morning – heaven!  I’d been reading, sitting, and was just getting going to listen to the recordings when like furious burning comets they arrived!  A small school of porpoises came to play in the bow wave of the  boat.  The phosphoresce this evening was intense so their shapes and the trails they left as they shot through the water was incredible! 

Describing phosphorescence is hard.  Describing porpoises playing in it around a boat…? just not sure how, you gotta be there…

Great wake-up call to just stay present and be here now, at sea, on a boat, in the middle of the night, alone with nature.  Needless to say the reading was curtailed


More on the idea of “Right Livelihood”  I believe that living one’s values and one’s dreams must be possible;  though is so often clouded by the adoption of dreams and value that are not one’s own.

I keep getting lost in the “save-the-world” type systems and beliefs – I sincerely do want to “give back” I want to keep the planet green and the seas blue as well as increase harmonious interaction between all of the world’s creatures. All these things are true for me; yet, what I really want is to live joyfully and I want others to live this too.  The planet’s much more fun to be on when people are joyful, alive and engaged in what-ever life they lead.

Let go of the self-imposed oppression and martyrdoms. Do your work and then go out and play!  Both are possible and I would argue, more and more, both are required.  That is having your cake and eating it too!