Day 7 – We’re in the Indian Ocean


Current Position 08:00 Singapore Time
Speed over Ground 6.8 Knots
Course over Ground   Degrees
Heading 175 Degrees
Position Direction Degrees Minutes
Latitude South 07 07.39
Longitude East 104 05.36

Image of the Day:


The “Pamona” with Vigar and Lizbeth team up with us in for the Indian Ocean crossing – we’ve had radio contact with them for the past couple of days and did some video drive-by’s this evening around sunset to wave at each other and capture images of each others boats under sail.


We’re finally out in the Indian Ocean and definitely know we’re there!  Had the nets up on our bunks last night to keep us from falling out and have been bumping into things a bit more than usual!

[insert video]

Pachamama on the Indian Ocean – Day 7 of our voyage and first out on the Indian


“Doing Good” has this great ring to it and “Doing Well” while “Doing Good” captures much of my earlier theme for this blog of “having your cake and eating it too.”  However, experience has shown me that this tag line often only a great justification for all kinds of crazy stuff people do and sadly may only be a cloaking device for some individuals ego trip.

“Right Livelihood” – that’s different, in that it doesn’t pretend to be solving some greater cosmic problem or truth and may in fact be more my thing.  Make whatever you do fulfilling, fun and inspired.  More on this to follow…