Cocos Keeling–Leg 1 Day 10–Voyage Day 10


Current Position 08:00 UTC +8.0
Speed over Ground 6.0 Knots
Course over Ground 240 Degrees
Heading 186 Degrees
Position Direction Degrees Minutes
Latitude South 11 42.909
Longitude East 097 29.711

Image of the Day:


Arriving at the anchorage at North Island


Clearing Australian Customs, well almost…


Michael picking coconuts in Cocos Keeling


Cycles of Life


Sunset from the water –  over Cocos Keeling


We arrived in Cocos Keeling about about 3pm yesterday – came in anchored off the Direction Island, at the north of the atoll with a half-dozen other boats.  Very nice Australian customs official had us fill out mountains of paperwork and then sped off on his jet ski.  Not a bad job…  we then put the dingy in the water and paddled into the beach to wander, play in the sand and swim.  Dreams of showers and steaks forgotten – there is NOTHING HERE!  but boy is it beautiful!!!


I sat for a long time the other night and though my mind cleared and calmed for a while it still was jumping around like a racehorse. It’s a problem solving machine and in spite of myself in this quiet moment I did solve a few problems. 

I’m ok with this and wont’ lose sleep over failed meditation resulting in good progress elsewhere Winking smile