Tale of Perception on the Tail of a Flying Fish – Leg 2 Day 6–Voyage Day 17


Current Position 08:00 UTC +6.5
Course over Ground 260 Degrees
Speed over Ground 6.4 Knots
Speed thru Water 5.0 Knots
Heading 196 Degrees
Position Direction Degrees Minutes
Latitude South 15 29.225
Longitude East 083 29.019
Distance Remaining 1176 Nautical Miles Sea Surface Temperature 23.4 Degrees C

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Dominique enjoying the morning light                                                    Afternoon guitar with calmer weather


The weather calmed today and though the winds held at 25+ the seas finally dropped a bit making life a bit more comfortable and easier for all.


When I fist came on watch last night around 8pm I hear the telltale sounds of a flying fish landing on board:  first the smack of the impact followed by some fish flopping about.  I thought it was forward and shinned some light on the foredeck looking for the unfortunate fish.  I could not see or find it.  Later before ending my watch I had a few snacks and each time I came through one section of the cockpit I was disturbed by a strong raw fish smell (no connection made).  When I came back on watch at 2am later that night, I still smelled it, though could not see or find the sources.

Just after 4am after peeing off the leeward side of the boat I had just unclipped my safety harness from the lifeline and was stepping back into the cockpit, ‘splat’!  my right heel landed on it and like crushing a ripe banana I slid out and off balance, looking down down, seeing and realizing all at once connecting all the dots of the last 8 hours or so and the poor flying fish, now extremely dead and crushed into the teak of the cockpit deck and me nearly flipped over the rail given my reaction to the rather odd sensation of landing on a fish…

How slow we are sometime to realize what is in front of us, sometimes until it nearly kills us! 

How un-thorough and incomplete we are in our search for information given easy clues.

How quickly we abandon the search when no immediate clues are found.

And How wonderfully patient life is to give us so many chances to “find the fish”