Days in Mauritius


We arrived in Mauritius on the 17th of September and are still here on the 1st of October due to weather conditions further south.  Next stop should be La Reunion and then on to Richards Bay South Africa, passing south of Madagascar given that conditions north were not advisable due to pirate conditions

Our time here has been a mix of working on the boat, environmental clean-ups, presentations to schools, the founding of TOPtoTOP Mauritius, a press conference, surfing in the south, discovering Port Louis and the rest of the Island and some great time with friends both new and old.  The only challenges are the uncertainty of when we leave, which makes planning anything quite difficult, the shifts in location and costs of hotels.

Image of the Day:

Looking out at “One Eye” at Le Morne in Mauritius (shot with Cannon S90 through my binoculars) “One Eye” from above –note the long paddle out, no fishing boats for help this time.

"La Roche Qui Pleure" at SouillacLooking out at the line up at One Eye


Surfing at One Eye on the neighboring peak to the KSP World Tour: Mauritius One Eye Pro Competition was a real treat, though a bit scary at times as the waves were really big, the paddle out incredibly long and the reef incredibly shallow!  Check out the link above for  better images and video!

A few nights back at Le Paradis with a King-size bed and fabulous food and environment


Cleaning up boat and getting things ready for rough weather as well as the kids cleaning themselves Winking smile


Discovering Port Louis and the Island with a local lunch and dinner with our friend Marc & Claire Israel and their friends as well as staying down at La Mariposa in Riviere Noire twice, once just the two of us and a second time tonight with our new shipmate, Bianca, here to teach the kids and friendly birds at La Mariposa

Port LouisRiviere NoireRiviere NoireFruit Lunch in the SouthFruit Lunch in the Souththe South MauritiusSugar Cane Sunset with Mountains of Mauritius Dominique, Alegra and Bianca waiting by the boat friendly birds at La Mariposafriendly birds at La Mariposa


Fear vs. Respect: I am fascinated how we can fluctuate between both respect and in many cases love and then fear.  In this case I speak of the ocean.  I’ve had a good taste of both these past days here in Mauritius where I’ve been stymied by unbelievably good  surfing conditions where the waves were huge, winds right and the crowd, nonexistent.  On some levels too good to be true, yet too big for me,  too big to surf alone and having been thrown against the reef at One Eye and Ambulante more than once over the years I’ve been coming here – a reef which breaks shallow to dry – I once again tasted fear in my surfing.  It was great to meet Hugh and Harry, two brothers from Jersey, England on their way to the UK from Australia on the “Little Coconut” as surfing with them eased this and put me back in my stride.  That said, today, I chose not to go out as One Eye was pumping massively, no one was out and the beach was emptying when I go there.  I’ve more to think of on this one as it’s troubled me quite a bit over the last days…