Coda – la Réunion

Well as much as we’re all eager to leave, it just isn’t the right time and the weather south of us is not moving at the speed we’d anticipated so we stay for a few more days. 


The low pressure system in the south normally moves quite quickly to the east and stays south.  This one is sitting still and edging north which is not a good sign for us.  We will stay put for at least 24-36 more hours.

Image of the Day:


View from our window this morning in St. Denis – Garret room in the rafters of the Hotel Le Juliette Dodu – the brightly lit window in the 2nd image


Returning from le Cirque de Mafate Monday night we returned to the Austral Hotel in St. Denis tired and sore.  The next morning we spent a few hours at Le Hammam Sarah for steam, soak, massage and a fabulous North African lunch!


Back at the boat we washed the decks and Noé’s feet:


This was followed by our own showers and then the Dominique, Bianca and I left the boat and went down to St. Gilles for ice-cream, drinks and sunset…



There was a strange irony in our time in le Cirque de Mafate that I don’t believe was captured by either Dario or my previous posts.   It was a paradise without cars and only a few families all living quietly in the crater of the volcano.  However at first light the next morning began arrival after arrival of helicopters, either delivering people or goods for the village, shattering the morning stillness.  The traffic was constant until the lunch hour.  Practically speaking – helicopters are the way to go for access, supply and transport, however the strange contradiction that they seem to bring to the quiet beauty of the place and those who chose to live there. 

Perhaps too an example of “having one’s cake and eating it too” though somehow it left me with an odd taste in my mouth…