Heading Back Out

Image of the Day:


Dawn view from my hatch of the “hnoss” the old Norwegian boat we’ve been rafted against these past 10 days.


It’s time to go.  People and Boat are ready, more than ready. 


Like waiting for water to boil, sometimes watching and worry about it doesn’t help and even gives the impression of prolonging the event.  Many people I am in contact with right now are waiting for something – waiting to sail, waiting for an interview, waiting for a hearing waiting for news…  How we wait and how we prepare for these inevitable events can be so difficult yet so critical to the final outcome.  Staying focused though flexible to move with the changes – that come – like it or not – can really help; as can accepting that things take the time that they take and that which is beyond my control is really beyond my control, e.g. learning “acceptance”  or as some would put it, “surrender”…