Singing with a common Voice

The Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem was the highlight of my visit to the city earlier in November: This 12th Century Crusader’s church was build at what is considered the birth place of Anne (Hannah), the mother of the virgin Mary.

The space is extraordinary – and what is truly unique is the sound quality within the church. Church groups and individuals come from around the world to sing in this magical space. The harmonics and overtones are beyond description. A single person sounded like a choir and a choir… simply magical – there was such a pull from the sound that one could not help but join the singing.

Below the nave was a chapel dedicated to St. Anne with the above wooden statue. There was a calm and quiet here that I’ve rarely felt. The music of the singers from above could still be heard, though was reduced volume and added to the gravity of this place.


If you are ever in Jerusalem, visit the church of St. Anne and sing with those who are there. Your voice will carry in ways which are truly free and sustainable.