Indian Ocean Crossing

On November 3rd, 2010 my wife Dominique and I attended a “Water Talk” at Hort Park in Singapore.   One of the speakers was Global Climate Expedition leader, Dario Schwoerer – Founder of Top-Top org who travels the world on sailboat, bike and land, educating people on environmental responsibility

I had a good chat with Dario – very intrigued by his mission and activities, in particular doing good and having fun doing it.  A relationship was born and over the coming months this transpired into – why don’t you join us for the Indian Ocean Crossing.   9 months later, comes the real birth of this collaboration and the realization of a childhood and lifelong dream of crossing one of the world’s oceans in a sailboat, contribute to an environmnetal cause and if all goes well, have fun doing it!

On August 20th we set sail from Singapore to South Africa via the Sunda Straights, Cocos Keeling, Chagos, Rodriguez, Mauritius, and Madagascar with the intent of  arriving in time to participate in the next Global Climate Conference in Durban on the 28th of November.  I’ll be posting to this blog with various updates, ship position, experiences etc. over the next few months…

  • ToptoTop: a Global Climate Expedition – 7 Summits non-stop round-the-world by Human Power and Natures Force.  A unique challenge from TOP to TOP and SCHOOL to SCHOOL: A Swiss family together with volunteers share the joy of sport and environmental action to protect the climate with young people all over the world. TOP to TOP is a nonprofit organization of volunteers under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Program.  
  • The goal of the expedition is to bring awareness of environmental issues, to promote the search for environmentally compatible solutions and to encourage the start of projects beneficial to the environment. An additional objective is to move as many people as possible towards solidarity for the people affected by climate change and to connect people to nature and sport through the ToptoTop Global Climate Expedition. 
  • The ultimate aim of the expedition is to show practically to children that great things can be achieved in harmony with nature.  To achieved this school visits are made by crewmembers at each destination throughout the expedition. The children are taught passionately about the importance of nature and fun projects are used to help children understand global climate change and the importance of sustainable resources (ToptoTop).

Intended Ship Track: